Colliding with great speed from great distance, often missing

Colliding with Great Speed from Great Distance, Often Missing is a pamphlet created during the development of The Angel’s Share (a mixed media performance piece by Joe Summers & Joe Vaughan) as part of the SVS collective’s Collisions festival and exhibition. Part of the text was written in response to a period of personal and creative dissonance between the two artists and includes WhatsApp messages sent and received between them in the weeks preceding the SVS residency in Canfranc, at which only one of them was able attend.

Some of the experimental texts explore the idea of meaning being derived from the presentation of two unrelated expressions and the similarities we automatically infer through our innate desire for meaning. Sentences overlap, collide and forge new phrases by virtue of their collisions. From this plurality one may gain something close to a singular, personal understanding.

This pamphlet is published by Strange Region, with the support of the SVS collective.