The Angel's Share


Joseph Summers & Joseph Vaughan

“All perception of truth is the detection of an analogy” - Henry David Thoreau.

The Angel’s Share is an exploration of that which we lose through the transmission of information and our necessary reliance on analogy. Using performance, text and music, transmitted live on FM radio frequencies from another location, the artists seek to draw attention to the qualities of reality which are sacrificed in the process of sending and receiving. The live body becomes the telephonic body, the living voice becomes a throatless noise.

The performed activities that are transmitted navigate friendship and communication as a reflection on the processes used for observing and theorising particle activity in dark matter research. They are experiments in micro-collision, a celebration of the redacted, a symphony of small silences.

This work was part of SVS: Collisions festival at Muffathalle, Munich in 2022. The exhibition was funded by Musikfonds e. V. The preceding residency in Canfranc 2021 was supported by the Goethe Institute and the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.