For as long as we're here...

For As Long As We’re Here... is a series of durational performative installations in which professional circus artists endure a durational performance of their personal circus discipline for several hours inside performance venues, galleries and site specific locations.

Each performer is presented as an individual installation and will perform one single circus action for the whole exhibition. Over the course of the day visitors will freely move about and observe as the performers are slowly transformed by the weight of time and effort.

The project collaborates with curators, composers and set designers. Each iteration of the work is unique and designed to fit its specific context. For the iteration at Bauhaus Dessau in 2021, the project collaborated with Joseph Summers, who created two 4 hour scores to accompany the performance.

The project has also collaborated with Andrea Salustri, Diane Barbé, Seán Ó Dáilig, Branwen Kavanagh, Zillah Francis and Donal McConnon.

Direction: Darragh McLoughlin

Performers: Roman Skadra, Louisa Wruck, Tomas Vaclavek, Steph Mouat, Valentina Moletti, Theresa Kuhn, Hendrik Van Maele, Darragh McLoughlin/

Production: Sophia Kurmann at PerformYourArt